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The Tanhauser Gate by TK769

We sci-fi writers try our best to capture the grandeur of the unknown. Our tools are infinite combination of words that, wit a bit of luck and a lot of work, can be shaped into a phrase that inspire visions, like Batty's "Tears in the rain" solliloquy. The same can be said about drawing and painting. A single image can explode in a million ideas, memories and feelings.
But having both things at the same time? That's Art at its best.
The character of Batty experienced in his short lifetime a million wonders. What are the Tannhauser Gates. A promise of ultimate redemption like Wagner's opera? An alien world? A mean of intellestelar travel?
We don't need to know. We need to feel it. To see it in Roy's eyes, to experience the wonder of wonders.
Keeping the mistery enhances our perception of the work. We are again like a child: frightened and delighted at the same time.
Like Roy Batty.
Until now we had only the words. Now we have an image that absorbs it and complete the vision,
Art at its best.
Thank you for this amazing image.
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TK769 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you Losrandir for your compliments. I am both pleased and flattered by your critique. Roy's life was both frightening and sublime and we only get a short but intense glimps of what he was all about in the end. Despite his combat background why should we think that his soliloquy was purley a millitary account. No, Roy wanted more life, more life to experience once more those wonderful visions, like a child again. His speach at the end of his life is heart renderingly nostalgic, both tragic and wonderful, that you end up mourning for his short life and the protagonist becomes the very enemy. David Peoples who wrote those words with Rutger Haurs collaberation are geniuses. In my opinion the best death scene in cinematic history, purely for the message that Roy paints at the end of all things. Thank you again for understanding.

Kind Regards,

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